Summer collection, winter collection, seasonal collection. Summer and winter collections are made twice a year and seasonal collection is made every month.

About Us

Alimer Textile Company, founded in 1998, is based in Bursa with its production and managerial facilities in its main factory. Alimer Textile manufactures loungewear, nightwear and sleepwear for women and men. It manufactures for its own brand named “Alimer”. Alimer has been an emerging brand due to its own quality, design and meeting customer comfort.
However, it makes manufacturing of private-label for other brands upon the client inquiries.
In 2005 Alimer Textile started a process of corporate organization and institutional development; thus, technical and physical and management infrastructure were modernized firstly. In order to be capable of producing for international markets production, quality and production model was updated to international standards. Secondly, the company focused on improving its branding by increased production quality and quantity, and to achieve this, it employed experienced and educated employees in all departments. Alimer Textile works with various consulting firms, institutions and outsourcing experts to make its progress sustainable and achieve its quality and growth objectives.

Mission statement: To manufacture products to feel the beauty of the soul and the comfort of the body at home.

Vision: To become a leading company in home wear, loungewear and sleepwear with its genuine and high-quality products.


Main categories: loungewear, nightwear and sleepwear.

Sub-groups: men, women and kids pyjamas and nightwear; dressing gowns, nightgowns, maternity pyjamas, dowries, camisole, maternity gowns, peignoir, housecoat, trousseau gowns set, vest-shorts set, leggings set, shorts and t-shirt sets, joggers and tracksuits.

Product DNA

Comfortable, Healthy, Genuine, Practical, Stylish, High-quality, Novel, Feminine, Maternal, Sensitive, Respectful, Beautiful, Skin Breathy, Self-assertive, Masculine.

Product materials

Product materials: Products are made of 100% cotton, combed cotton, satin, viscose, polyester, velvet, fleece, lace and blended fabrics. Mainly, products are made of kitten fabric; however, some are made of woven fabric; and some are of printed fabric whereas some are embroidered.  All materials used in production are of strong and durable, so they are resistant to stretching, fraying, loosing, softening and attrition. They have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 quality certificate; so that, no materials used in the production contain toxins and dye that are harmful to the environment, all ingredient does not include hazardous substance on human health.  All documents and certificates are provided upon request.

Packaging&Labeling and bar-coding

Packaging: Some products are offered to the market in cartoon box and some are in set-bag.

Labeling and bar-coding: All products are labeled and bar-coded at international standards.


Alimer Textile manufactures its products in its own production factory in Bursa. All stages of production (cutting, embroidery, sewing, finishing, quality control, ironing, and packaging) are carried out in the production facility. All products are manufactured compliant with international health, safety and environmental management standards. In order to maintain sustainable growth and competitiveness, quality-control systems are consistently issued in the production process and for the after production process for right delivery without any problem. As a requirement of being internationally competitive, infrastructure in the production facility is regularly modernized. Thus, production capacity is always available for international new orders.

Alimer Textile has two models of production: stock based manufacturing and order-based production. For stock-based manufacturing we keep adequate stocks in our warehouse for each product in order to meet our customers’ demand instantly. Stock-based production us the advantage of meet our customers’ very small quantity of order (for trials). We pay special attention to make just-in-time production. Generally, order-based production is for new customers and for orders in high volumes. Orders that are likely to be late delivery are not accepted, as just-on-time delivery is essential for Alimer Textile. In any circumstances orders are delivered just-on-time.


Alimer Textile has set its R&D (research and development) department in its headquarters and it R&D works are conducted with our team and with independent institutions and expert. One of the main goals of R&D department is to make comfortable and high-quality products that are also not harmful for people’s health. Design department is placed in the headquarters. Our designers are employed within company. Design team work carefully to create original, stylish and comfortable designs. Our designers keep up international fashion trends and updated models, strictly. All new products are displayed at our showroom. As summer and winter collections are made twice a year, seasonal collections are regularly updated.


End-user satisfaction and customer orientation are basics of marketing strategy of Alimer Textile. We consider the companies that work with us as partners rather than our client. We believe that their success in that market grants our achievement. Our priorities in marketing are right partners, right service and full satisfaction. We strictly adhere to offer reasonable competitive pricing policy. Being effective, reliable and fast in both distribution and delivery are essential for us. Our partners are provided standing-stock details instantly by our online B2B order and distribution system. The system also facilitates our partners to place their orders easily and fast. Alimer Textile favors quality, straightforward communication both before and after sales process. We place great importance to help our client and solve any problem which they have with their in the after-sales process.
Alimer Textile has set up its local sales network with 470 local distributors / retailers in all regions of Turkey.
Our company has growing penetration in foreign markets while our products have full penetration in Turkey.
Alimer Textile started its operations in international markets in 2010. Today, we have distribution channels in 17 countries. Nowadays, we are an emerging company in international markets. However, we aim to be global brand by 2020. In foreign markets, we mainly focus on chain stores, wholesalers, local distributors and importers.


Gender: Men&Women&Kids

Age: 7-65

Demographical traits: Single, married, married with children

Characteristics: Modern, innovative, lively, shopping-oriented, having environmental concerns, reads, socially active, a technology user, popular culture consumer, fashion conscious, caring, trend follower, comfort seeker, strong, positive, social, cosmopolitan.

Levels of income: lower-upper class, middle class, upper-lower class.

Education: Primary, elementary, college and higher education.

Geographical class: depending on the product type urban and rural.

Sales network: wholesalers, e-commerce, retail stores, chain stores, individual importer.

  • Customer orientation is prioritized in services
  • Surveys are conducted regularly to maintain customer satisfaction
  • Regular visits are paid to customers for having close contact with them and listen to them in their markets
  • Alternative solutions for customer needs and requirements are offered
  • Customers are informed about new products immediately
  • Orders are delivered in time without any problem
  • Samples are sent for new products
  • Advertisement materials are provided in after sales process

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